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Airflo Fly Lines Available at traditional AnglerAirflo Tactical Multi Tip Fly Lines(Sold Out)

Airflo Tactical Multitip Fly LinesTactical Multi tips are now made on a braided core for improved suppleness and features Airflo's new improved sleeved welded loops for improved strength and durability.

 Airflo's unique polyurethane welded loop technology really make the interchangeable tip system hinge free and eliminates any ‘kick’ during the cast, while remaining easy to change.

Multi Tip is available in a supple cold water coating and comes with 4 tip sections including floating, sink 2 (intermediate), sink 5, and sink 8. All tips are 12’ long and now feature the unique welded loop system at tip and butt for easy loop to loop connections.

  • The ultimate interchangeable tip fly line, ideal for those who wade, back pack, or whenever space is limited.

  • The unique polyurethane welded loop technology really does make the interchangeable tip system hinge free.  It also eliminates any 'kick' during the cast, whilst remaining easy to change.

  • Polyfuse XT dual layer coating system - supple inner layer for low memory and a hard highly lubricated outer for slick casting performance.

  • Comes with 4 tips

  • All tips are 12' long.

  • WF5 & 6 are tan, WF7 to 9 are Optic Green

  • Comes with a 5-year no crack warranty.

Airflo Tactical Multitip fly Line Profile



Why are Airflo Lines Different?

Anatomy of an Airflo fly line

Traditionally fly line design has been a balance between two major components, predominantly the coating and inner core – combined they form the fly line and each can be varied to better suit the application.

The coating has a number of tasks to perform – suppleness, taper profile, lubrication, abrasion resistance, density control and core adhesion. With traditional fly line manufacture these features need to be incorporated into a single coating and with so many tasks to perform it has often been a compromise to optimize fly line performance.

Polyfuse XT Technology

Airflo PolyFuse TechnologyAirflo developed a technology one stage further along the evolutionary path, being the only company to add twin coat in a single process to all their fly lines with their unique patented PolyFuse XT process. The large inner coating controls each line's density, core adhesion and a substantial part of the line's suppleness. The slim outer coating, is harder for improved shootability and is saturated with the new PolyFuse XT lubrication system. Placed here it is far more effective at lubricating the line and doesn’t affect the inner coatings core adhesion. Unlike competitors coating systems, PolyFuse XT has two layers fused together while both are still molten at the production stage – this eliminates any possible delamination and gives incredible durability.

One reason why Airflo are the only company to offer a 5 year non-crack guarantee.

Polyfuse XT True Density Coatings

TDC is an advanced development in PolyFuse XT technology which really sets Airflo apart from our competitors floating fly lines.

PolyFuse XT technology allows placement of the required materials in the exact part of the fly line for optimum performance exactly where needed. TDC technology controls the density of each floating line throughout its entire length to give you a line that floats high at the tip, while maintaining shootability throughout its higher density 'distance casting' belly section.

The use of both PolyFuse XT and TDC technologies have been combined to create the optimum floating fly line coating system.

Fly line Cores

Airflo fly lines are made on a variety of cores to ensure the lines perform perfectly under the special conditions they will be used. We currently manufacture on either a braided multi-filament nylon or a single strand nylon co-polymer monocore, depending on the fly line application.

Braided Cores: Generally more supple for low memory, braided cores trap air for buoyancy and stretch easily under low loads – braids are normally used for floating lines where suppleness is often a key to improved presentation.

Hi Tec Braided Cores: A new low stretch braided core that performs well in extremely cold conditions is being utilized in some of specialist fly lines. Excellent for effective hook set at long range.

Mono Cores: Utilized for all  freshwater sinking lines, saltwater models and the majority of our specialist fly lines. Mono cores allows more consistent faster sinking lines and vary the core to affect the stretch levels and enhance take detection and improved hook set.


All Airflo floating fly lines are produced with a honeycomb structure of tiny gas bubbles - something that can be controlled with pinpoint accuracy.

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