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Braided Loops
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Rio Floating Fly Fishing Lines available at Traditional AnglerRio Braided Loops

Rio Braided LoopsA quick and easy way to attach leader to fly line or the backing to the line. Provides a loop at the end of the line so you can change leaders quickly.

Just snake the hollow braided mono over the end of your line, apply a little "crazy glue" loop on your leader and you're ready to fish.

Available in two sizes: Regular for lines #3 - #6 and Large for lines #7 - #12.  

4 per package.



Umpqua leaders and tippet material are available at Traditional Angler Drew's Speed Loop

Drew's Speed LoopsDrew's Speed Loops are braided loops with shrink wrap tubing to permit quick connection of fly line and leader.

Available in two colors and sizes: Clear for lines #3 to #7, clear for lines #8 and up, and Fluorecent Orange for Lines #3 to #7.

3 per package.



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