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Chota Wading Jackets
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Chota Lightweight Wading Jacket

Chota Outdoor GearChota offer products designed for all-day comfort. After all, anyone who's stalked enough rise forms knows the latest technology isn't worth squat when your feet can't stand another step. How do achieve this?

First things first, Chota insists on only the finest quality materials available to be used in their products. To assure the highest standards of quality, Chota works directly with each one of their manufacturers. Finally, every product is solidly backed with a no-nonsense warranty against defects.  Chota Outdoor Gear warrants all of its products to be free from any defects in materials or workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

Chota Leightweight Wading Jacket 

Chota Lightweight Wading JacketWeighing only 17 ounces, the Chota Lightweight wading jacket does what you expect and stuffs into its own pocket for storing in your fly vest or day pack. Convenient ans simplicity of design.

Featuring the patent-pending Chota CVX System, the hood that moves with you, for an unobstructed side to side view. Simple and highly effective, Chota uses snaps to join hood and hat so all move in unison.

Additionally, Chota's Lightweight wading jacket is constructed with Toray's unique Entrant-DT waterproof and breathable fabric. It will keep you comfortable and dry is most any weather and is the perfect wading jacket for those unexpected rain showers.

The jacket features two large expandable fly box pockets. Includes attachable cap.

 Color: Forest Green

Chota Deluxe Wading Jacket CVX System



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