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Dr. Slick Fly Tying Tools available at Traditional AnglerThe Ultimate Surgical Quality Fly Tying Tools for Anglers. Dr. Slick produces the highest quality stainless steel precision tools for fly tiers. All of their products are produced from stainless steel on the finest German and American machinery to ensure quality, durability, and consistency. Furthermore, each tool undergoes a 6-step inspection process to ensure the highest quality possible is delivered to you.

Dr. Slick Fly Fishing Nippers available at Traditional AnglerThese tools are so well made, they carry a full 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee. That is why Traditional Angler carries them. Try getting that kind, or any kind, of warranty from cheaply manufactured tools. Yes they are lower cost, but their poor quality and performance will soon have you looking for a replacement. If you want the highest quality fishing tools available today, get Dr. Slick.




Dr. Slick NippersDr. Slick Nippers


2" Length

With pin for clearing eyes

Stainless steel construction

Ice hardened

Choose black or satin

Price: $5.49
Sale Price: $4.79
Savings: $0.70




Angler's AccessoriesPin on RetractorAnglers Accessories Pin on Retractror


Standard stainless cable that extends 17"

1" diameter reel

Convenient "8" clip

Available in Black


Price: $4.99
Sale Price: $3.99
Savings: $1.00


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