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Kreinik Silk Dubbing


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Kreinick Pure Silk Dubbing for Fly TyingKreinik's Pure Silk Dubbing

Kreinik's Pure Silk Dubbing is the best dubbing material for dries and midges. Kreinik's silk dubbing is pure silk. The fibers are very fine and long, which makes it ideal for the bodies of flies from size 16 to 30. This is the same material that is preferred by A.K. Best for tying midges.

Silk fiber is hydrophobic, meaning it is naturally water resistant. It will float higher and longer than the various synthetic dubbings, because it has a lower specific gravity and it takes longer for water to wick into the fibers. Your flies will float longer and higher with pure silk dubbing.

Silk readily accepts acid type dyes and can also be colored with marking pens.



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