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Scintilla Dubbing For Fly Tying
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Scintilla World Class Dubbing System (Sold Out)

Includes Binder with 85 Scintilla Dubbing Packs Colored to Match the Borger Color System Colors


Scintilla Comprehensive Dubbing Systems (Sold Out)

Scintilla Fly Tying Dubbing with Borger System Colors are available from Traditional AnglerEach system includes a binder with 45 Scintilla Dubbing Packs Colored to Match the Borger Color System Colors and selected for each of three specific insect families in North America, a rapid reference card, and a catalog of fly patterns for the specific insect family from the "Fly Fisher's Manual.

Scintilla Comprehensive dubbing in Borger Colr System Colors for Mayfly, Caddis Fly, and Stonefly patterns There are three Scintilla comprehensive systems that are available.  These include the North American Mayfly Selection, the North American Caddis Fly Selection, and the North American Stonefly Selection.  All the pertinent dubbing colors from nymph to adult are provided for each series, along with patterns to imitate them, and filing system to store it all.

For the beginner or the seasoned tier, it doesn't come easier than this!

And, it is priced at around half the cost of purchasing the dubbing packs individually.



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