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Dyna-King Fly Tying Vises available at Traditional Angler Dyna-King makes the World's finest hand crafted fly tying vises that possess amazing hook holding power. All standard models feature:

  • Hardened  tool steel jaws that accommodate a wide range of hooks (10/0 down).

  • Convenient tension adjustment located immediately behind the jaws.

  • 360 degree rotation of the vise body allows complete access to the hook and tying area.

  • The cam lock stops the cam handle in exactly the same position every time, maintaining the same jaw pressure hook after hook.

  • Available with a c-clamp or pedestal base.  C-clamps open wide (3 inches) to accommodate heavy duty tables, while the pedestal weighs about  3 pounds for standard vises and 5 lbs for rotary.  Pedestals are equipped with non-skid feet.

  • Dyna-King products are guaranteed to be in perfect condition when assembled and sent out from the Cloverdale plant. All products have a lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship.


Dyna-King Abby X-1 Fly Tying Vise

Dyna-King Abby X-1 Fly tying ViseThe Abby X-1 Fly Tying Vise was developed by Ron Abby after many years of vise designing.

This vise incorporates the excellence inherent in all Dyna-King vises and features supreme holding power, rugged construction with the finest materials available, superior access and adjustment of the tying area.

Details incorporated include 360 rotation, rotary drag, "Notch-loc Cam", convenient tension adjustment jaws, serrated jaw tips to facilitate the holding of the smallest of hooks, and grooved jaws to "contain" a complete range on hooks through size 10/0.

The angle of the vise is infinitely adjustable through the range of the vise, and can be altered simply by hand movement. This, too, is adjustable. The Abby X-1 vise is available in either clamp or pedestal base. Constructed of stainless steel with solid brass appointments, this vise is a thing of beauty that will last a lifetime.



Tool Steel Jaws

Forcing Cone Adjusts Tension

Rotational Body Adapter

Material Clip

Rotary Lock Screw

Hardened Cam

Pivot Head Lock Nut

Pivot Head

Set Collar Lock Screw

Lt. Weight bobbin hanger included

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Dyna-King Vise Accessories

Dyna-King Parachute (Gallows) Tool

Gallows Tool

The Dyna-King Gallows Tool is a perfect third hand for tying "parachute" flies. Constructed of stainless steel and black delrin. Fully adjustable, and complete with mounting bracket.

Dyna-King Extended Body & Parachute Tool

Extended-Body & Parachute Tool

Dyna-King's Extended Body and Parachute Tool is invaluable for tying extended body flies, using monofilament line as a body core on which to build your fly. It provides that third hand necessary for tying those difficult parachute ties. Also doubles as a gallows tool and can break down into three basic parts for convenient storage or travel.

The Dyna-King Trim Bag available at Traditional Angler

Trim Bag

All Dyna-King Trim Bags mount directly under the vise on the shaft to better catch clippings. They are designed for convenient emptying. Simply grasp frame near mounting tab, squeeze slightly and pull the bag away. Made of soil resistant nylon. Impervious to most head cements. Available in 3" and 6" depths, also "extended wire" trim bag is recommended for the rotary vises.

Dyna-King Tool Carousel

Dyna-King's Tool Carousel

This is a multi-tool holder with a built in, adjustable bobbin rest. It also has 360 rotation which can lock into position and has a adjustable height. Available in pedestal model only.

Dyna_King Travel Pouch

Travel Pouch

The Dyna-King Travel bag is padded and has an inside pocket and zips shut for convenient travel with your Dyna-King vise.




Dyna-King Flex Lamp


Flex Lamp

This illuminating device is offered in response to many requests for a light that mounts directly on the vise. It is supplied with a step down transformer from 120VAC to 12 VDC, and provides 10 watts at 12 volts for the high intensity lamp which will more than adequately illuminate the tying area.

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