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Echo Composite Fly Fishing Reels available at Traditional AnglerEcho-2 Saltwater Fly Rods


Echo rods set the standard for performance fly rods at an affordable price. The all new Echo-2 rods are designed to compliment the Echo Classic series of rods by offering new design features unique to the industry. Specifically, Echo-2 rods feature a 2-tip system, which gives the angler two different rod actions in one low priced package.

Tip 1, marked A, optimizes the rod for for casting with accuracy. The accuracy tip is softer and allows the rod to load with less line for close and medium range presentations. It is the preferred tip for casting situations where the angler wants to feel the rod load sooner and take advantage of the Echo 2's overall power.


Tip 2, marked D, optimizes the rod for distance casting. This tip is stiffer. It permits easier lifting of sinking lines and casting extra long distances. Use it if you have a more aggressive casting situation.

 Echo 2 Graphite Fly Rods

  • Every Echo-2 rod employs a four piece design with two tips permitting the angler to alter the rod's casting characteristics to meet the demands of the fishing day. 

  • Each rod is constructed with advanced intermediate-modulus graphite fibers.

  • Freshwater and Spey rods feature a deep red wine colored blank with matching thread wraps and a single silver trim wrap, while saltwater versions follow the same theme in deep blue. 

  • Ferrules feature an alignment dot for quick assembly. 

  • Echo-2 rods are fitted with titanium-coated stripper guides with Illusion Plasma coated inserts and hard-chrome plated snake guides. 

  • High-grade cork grips and fighting butts shaped appropriately for each application.

  • Each rod includes rod sock and blue cordura embroidered rod case with zipper and handle.

  • Echo rods come with a one-year full warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.  After that, Echo will repair or replace any damaged section for $25.


6-Weight 4-Piece Two-Tip Echo-2 Fly Rods

9'0" rod, Medium & Fast Tips

Echo-2 Saltwater Rod Handle

Price: $279.95
Sale Price: $199.95
Savings: $80.00




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