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Fly tying Materials, Tools, and Visews are available at Traditional Angler

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Daiichi Fly Tying Hooks at everyday low prices from Traditional AnglerTiemco Fly Tying Hooks are available at Traditional AnglerHMH Fly Tying Vises available at Traditional AnglerMetz #1 Dry Fly Capes are available at Traditional AnglerWhiting Fly Tying Capes, Hackle and Saddle Hackle available at Traditional Angler Griffin Fly Tying Vises and Tools available at Traditional AnglerDr. Slick surgical quality fly tying tools available at Traditional AnglerWapsi Fly Tying MaterialsTraditional Angler is an Authorized Dyna-King Dealer

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Fly Tying Materials


  Brass & Tungsten Beads & Cones

  Glass Beads (Killer Caddis)

 Capes & Saddles

  Whiting Farms

    Whiting Dry Fly Capes & Saddles

    Whiting Hen Capes & Saddles

    American Capes & Saddles


    Metz Capes & Saddles


   Hareline Dubbing

   Kreinik Silk Dubbing

   Synthetic Living Fiber Dubbing

   Spirit River Dubbing

   WAPSI Dubbing

Chenille & Yarn


Flashy Materials

Furs for Dubbing & Zonkers


Miscellaneous Materials


Thread & Floss

Wire & Weighting


Fly Tying Hooks


Dry Fly Hooks

Nymph/Wet Fly Hooks

Streamer Hooks

Salmon/Steelhead Hooks

Tiemco (Sold Out)

Mustad (Sold Out)



Tools, Scissors, and Sets

Dr. Slick

Fly Tying Tools

Fly Tying Tool Sets

Fly Tying Scissors


Bobbins & Stakers


Fly Tying Tools

Miscellaneous Tools

Various Fly Tying Tools



Dubbing Whirlers & Rotary Hooks

Dubbing Brushes, Picks, Combs


Hook/Material Organizers

Oasis Material Organizers

Oasis Lazy Susan

Fly Factory Fly Tying Bench

Pedestal Base Fly Tying Bench


Fly Tying Bags

William Joseph Tying Case


Fly Tying Cements (Sold Out)

Fly Tying Vises (Sold Out)

Tying Lamps/Magnifiers (Sold Out)

Fly Tying Kits (Sold Out)



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