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Frog's Fanny

Umqua Frog's FannyThis powder is a double duty treatment.  It is superb for floating and waterproofing dry flies and it also creates realistic air bubbles on weighted nymphs, wet flies, and emergers.  Applicator brush included.



Tiemco Shimazaki Dry Shake

Tiemco Shimazaki Dry ShakePut your water logged fly in Shimazaki Dry Shake and shake it vigorously for a few seconds. The fly becomes thoroughly water repellent to the tip of hackle fiber and sits on the surface film exactly as a natural insect does. Your fly won't sink!





Tiemco Shimazaki Dry Shake Primer

Tiemco Shimazaki Dry Shake PrimerThis "Dry Shake Primer" greatly enhances the effectiveness of Dry-Shake. It attaches to your Dry-Shake Bottle.




Scientific Anglers Fly FloatantScientific Anglers Fly Floatant

This unique chemical formulation maintains its creamy consistency across temperature extremes. It flows easily in cold weather down to 20 oF and won't liquefy in hot weather up to 120 oF.  SA's floatant is easy to apply and won't mat delicate flies. Contains no solvents. 0.50 fl oz




Rio Poo Goo Fly and Fly Line FloatantRio Poo Goo Fly Floatant

Exclusive to RIO from Fly Fishing's Grand Kahuna & member of the Fly Fishing Hall of Fame, Andre Puyans. 1/2 ounce bottle of superbly viscous 100% pure silicone. Use as a fly floatant and for greasing RIO fly lines, and is great for tightening knots. Apply sparingly.




Gehrke's Gink

Gehrke’s has a specific gravity of only 77% of of water, which means it's lighter than water. Gink is a liquid emulsifier that permeates deep into the body material of dry flies. It will either coat synthetics or penetrate fur or feather.

Gink is a light paste that turns to a liquid at skin temperature. Upon coming in contact with cold water it returns to a clear, unseen, invisible gel that keeps water from making your dry flies or streaking streamers, wet. Flies stay dry for their normal useful life.


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