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Gravel Creek Leaders and Tippet
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Gravel Creek Leaders and TippetTaperClip Saltwater Knotless Tapered Leaders

Gravel Creek, of Florida, introduces to the fly fishing world truly innovative fly fishing leaders and tippet materials. Their knotless tapered leaders are extruded using a proprietary process that wraps a group of five knotless leaders on a plastic spool. Called “TaperClip”, the leaders are extruded as a continuous string of connected tapered leaders.

Gravel Creek TaperClip Knotless Leaders - 5 per spool.TaperClip knotless tapered leaders are spooled together, not individually packaged. There are five leaders on each TaperClip spool - connected in a continuous monofilament string. In the extrusion process, small red sections of line separate each leader. An angler ‘clips’ a leader from the spool at this red mark. In addition to the ease of handling (no more unraveling tangles), the suggested list price is just below $2.60 per leader – substantially less than the going price of tapered leaders as they are currently packaged. Pull a leader from the spool, clip it off where marked, place the spool back in your pocket, and fish - no packages to open or coiled leaders to untangle.

Gravel Creek knotless tapered leaders are made from an abrasion-resistant, copolymer nylon blend. Each is nine feet in length. Tippet diameter sizes range from 3X through 6X. Tapered for optimum turnover performance.

9' Taperclip Saltwater Knotless Tapered Leaders - 5 per Spool


Available Sizes

Length, Ft.

Tippet Diameter, In.

Butt Diameter, In

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