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Griffin Montana Pro Fly Tying Vise (Sold Out)


Griffin Fly Tying Vises and Tools available at Traditional AnglerGriffin Fly Tying Vises and Tools made in the USA are available at Traditional AnglerGriffin Enterprises is all about - quality fly tying tools. They manufacture their products in Montana, USA, and use only quality materials in fabrication. But, Griffin strives to keep prices affordable even for the smallest pocketbook.


Griffin Montana Pro Fly Tying Vise

Griffin Montana Pro Fly Tying Vise


This new addition to the Griffin line of quality vises has been expertly designed for ease of operation and quickness of the cam lever hook release.

The cam lever can be locked in a forward or backward position, allowing more clearance while tying. Ideal for pro tiers and beginners.

The tempered steel jaws will firmly grip hooks ranging from 22-7/0's.

 Lifetime warranty. Made in the USA.


Griffin Collect-All Wastebasket

This attractive light-weight bag is perfect for keeping your fly tying area clean. It attaches to most vises without an adaptor and is adjustable to either a left or right position. The bag attaches to the frame with Velcro flaps making it very easy to remove and empty.


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