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HMH Spartan Rotary Vise available at Traditional AnglerHMH Spartan Vise (Sold Out)

HMH believes that a vise should be high in performance, tenaciously durable, and simple in design.  They work hard to optimize these attributes in their vises, so that you become a better tier.  Only the best stainless and tool steels are used, to ensure that your vise is strong, smooth, beautiful, and will last a lifetime.

HMH Spartan Rotary Fly Tying Vise from Traditional Angler

The Spartan represents one of the best values in a precision-machined vise on the market today. It has all the performance features you'll ever need, including full rotary action, adjustable head angle, and quick change jaws.

Its sleek design is not only attractive, it also means you get an ample and comfortable tying 'platform' with nothing to get in your way when tying.  It is a tool guaranteed to last several lifetimes for a price that can't be beat. Enjoy tying on the best jaw system available.

And, the Spartan is highly customizable, so you can configure it to meet your present and future tying needs, without purchasing another vise.  To see all the options are that available for the Spartan, Click Here or browse down the page.

Key features of the Spartan include:

  • Infinite Head Angle Adjustment

  • Hardened Tool Steel Jaws

  • Quick Change Jaw Feature

  • Ultra-smooth 360o Rotary Action

  • Exclusive Disc Drag Rotary Tension Adjustment

  • Large, Easy-Grip Locking Cam Lever

  • Fast, One-Hand Operation to Clamp Hooks or Adjust Hook Wire Size.

  • Choice of Pedestal Base or C-Clamp with Machined Brass Fittings

  • Includes: Choice of Pedestal base or clamp, material clip, wrench set, vise manual, Daiichi hook samples, and Tube Fly Guide.

  • Lifetime Guarantee

NewSpartan Pro Vise Upgrade Package: Includes bobbin rest and second set of jaws (either micro or magnum) for 10% less than these items when priced separately.



Independent reviews

"Best $100 - $200 Vise" Fly Fisherman Magazine, Feb 2002

"Superb Quality... ...unusually well-built" Fly Rod & Reel, March 2002

"Full-size vise in a compact package" Fly Fishing in Saltwaters, Jul-Aug 2001


Available Bases

Available Jaws

Other Options

Standard Pedestal Base

HMH Spartan Pedestal Base

Durable powder coated finish available in black or green. Approximately 4 pounds. Footprint is 4" x 5.5".


All around jaws for sizes #20 to 2/0                      

Omni Jaws for HMH Vises

Profile Plate

HMH Fly Tying Vise Profile Plate


Polished Brass Pedestal

Polished Brass Pedestal Base for the HMH Standard Vise

Bright polished solid brass base.  Approximately 4.5 pounds.



Excels at midge work for sizes #18 to #32                   

Micro Jaws for HMH Vises


Pouches for HMH Vises

Bobbin Rest

Machined delrin support body and thread support. Machined brass fittings. Stainless rod is 9" long with 4" upright. Adjustable in three directions.


C-Clamp Base for the HMH Standard Vise

Clamp body milled out of 6061 bar stock aluminum. Opening is 2.5" wide. Durable powder coat finish in black or green. Brass swivel screws and knobs machined from solid brass stock.


Excels at making large flies #12 to 10/0

Magnum Jaws for HMH Vises

Tube Vise Converter

The Tube Vise Converter will easily convert your HMH vise with screw-in / screw-out jaws to a true-rotary tube vise. It offers a whole new way to hold tubes, and allows you to mount tubes with or without junction tubing installed; with or without pins/mandrels. Comes with two premium mandrels (0.042" and 0.062" OD) and sample tubes.


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