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Ketchum Release tool
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Waterworks Ketchum Fly trapFreshwater Ketchum Release Tools

The Ketchum Release tool effectively removes a fly hook without netting or handling a fish.  Not handling or netting a fish significantly increases the survival rate of released fish.

Waterworks Lamson Ketchum Freshwater Release Tools

In addition, the Ketchum Release tool will not damage flies like traditional clamping devices can; saving you money in the long run. Furthermore, the tool allows your hands to stay dry in cold weather and it keeps fingers a safe distance from toothy fish.

The Ketchum Release tool is fabricated from high quality carbon fiber and sold with an unconditional lifetime warranty.  It is available in three sizes:

  • Midge:  0.10" inside diameter of head, blue handle

  • Original: 0.16" inside diameter of head, black handle

  • Big Bug: 0.30 inside diameter of head, green handle

Also available is a matching pin reel retractor.

US Patent #5,644,865


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