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Ketchum Fly Trap
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Waterworks Ketchum Fly trapKetchum Fly Trap (Sold Out)

The Ketchum Fly Trap is an improvement over traditional fly boxes and drying patches.  For example, drying patches have the downside that that flies are easily knocked off and are lost forever. Traditional fly boxes are hard to access on the water, requiring two hands to hold open and retrieve flies while still holding on to your rod.. 

The Ketchum Fly Trap is a smart solution.  It makes it easy to access flies midstream and it gives you the peace of mind that when a fly is put away to dry, it won't fall off and be gone. The fully ventilated Fly Trap mounts to your vest or shirt, locks securely shut and then opens to a 90 degree angle.  This allows easy viewing and one-hand loading and unloading of flies. It is a better way to store, retrieve, and dry your flies while on the water.

The Fly Trap is available in a small (0.8" Deep x 3" Tall x 2.5" Wide) and large (0.8" Deep x 3" Tall x 3.5" Wide).

Ketchum Fly Trap


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