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LooN Outdoord Environmentally Safe Stike Indicators and Strike Putty available from Traditional Angler
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Loon Outdoors Environmentally Friendly Fly Tying Cements, waxes, and floatants are available at Traditional AnglerFishing with a conscience.

Loon Outdoors offers fishermen a variety of products that are they're very innovative, very high-quality, and very sensitive to the environment. In recognition of their ecological commitment and technical innovation, Loon Outdoors received the prestigious Lee Wulff Innovation Award from the Federation of Fly Fishers in August 1997. Loon was also awarded the 2001 Outdoor Life Network Top Ten Gear Guide award.


 Show you care for the earth while you're using the best fly fishing accessories money can buy. Try Loon Outdoors products today.


Loon Outdoors Biostrike Strike Indicator Putty is available at Traditional Angler Biodegradable high float strike indicator putty for wets or small dry flies. Available in orange, yellow, 50/50 pink/yellow.

For best results, wet fingers before handling the Biostrike. Form a football shape piece on a preferred section of leader. Stays put best if applied at a leader knot. Increase your wet fly hook ups. Helps you follow dry flies as well. Try a series of different colors to help visibility in varying light conditions. Remove at the end of the day and place in container.

1 oz


Strikeout 2™

Loon Outdoors Biostrike Strike Indicator Putty is available at Traditional Angler Synthetic yarn-like strike indicator pre-treated with Hydrostop™ to keep them visible atop the water, floating forever. Available in orange or yellow.

30cm ¼" diameter

 2.1 oz



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