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Extra Spools For your Marryat Fly Fishing Reel are available at Traditional AnglerMarryat CMR Online Reel

New CMR Online Reel has a "Reel-Time Drag" built right into the handle!! Two great features work together to give you total control over a fighting, running fish. Anti-reverse spooling allows your hand to never leave the reel crank handle.

A "combat drag" built into the crank handle lets you instantly alter the drag force by simply squeezing pads in the handle. Bottom line: You decide Reel Time when and how much resistance to apply, and when to retrieve or back off. This is truly a "FIRST."

Marryat CMR Online Fly Fishing ReelThe CMR Online Reel is a unique blend of a new spool design and a proven body design. The body is the CMR design complete with sealed drive cassette, Marryat "disc brake" drag system, and close tolerance Swiss manufacturing. To this reel body is fitted a new spool with anti-reverse action and a primary "direct drag" activated through "pinch pads" in the crank handle.

The spool freely turns in both directions, even when your fingers remain on the handle while winding in. When a fish is on the lineand starts to run, the spool starts to turn, giving the fish enough line to prevent the tippet from breaking. You can hold on to the handle or wind in and the spool will continue to spin without interruption. This allows you to fully concentrate on the fishing action and keep your fingers in a natural position on the winding handle. You can either wait until the fish stops running or squeeze the handle, which activates the drag. There is no need for any special movement or a change in the position of your hand. You can wind in at any time, even if the spool is turning in the opposite direction while the fish is still running. When the fish decides to stop, winding retrieves the line without breaking the tippet. You decide, depending on the situation, if you want to activate the drag, how strong the drag should be, whether to let the fish run or force the fish in with a high level of confidence that the tippet won’t break.


Marryat CMR Online Reel Reel


Spool Diameter: 3”
Width: 1.25”
Line Capacity:
WF7 + 220 yards backing

WF8 + 180 yards backing
Weight: 5.0 Ounces

Price: $394.99



Marryat CMR Online Fly Fishing Reel

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