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Gudebrod Rod Wrapping Thread is available at Traditional Angler
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Gudebrod Rod Wrapping Thread is available at Traditional AnglerGudebrod HT Metallic Size "A" Thread

The brilliance of this thread will give the ultimate luster and sparkle to any custom rod design.  To maintain color of wraps, use a color preserver.  100 yard spool.



9001 Black Black
9003 Pearl White Pearl White
9002 Silver Silver
9000 Gold Gold
9007 Pale Gold Pale Gold
9004 Old Gold Old Gold
9009 Glitzy Gold Glitzy Gold
9396 Copper Copper
9540 Red Bronze Red Bronze
9541 Bronze Bronze
9326 Red Red
9337 Dusty Rose Dusty Rose
9206 Fuchsia Fushia
9008 Burgundy Burgundy
9468 Purple Purple
9105 Lime Lime
9358 Green Green
9050 Electric Blue Electric Blue
9252 Aquamarine Aquamarine
9270 Aqua Aqua
9037 Ice Blue Ice Blue
9245 Royal Blue Royal Blue
9060 Rainbow Rainbow
9005 Pewter Pewter



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