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Metz Capes and Saddles
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Umpqua Feather MerchantsMetz Hackle Capes and Saddles (Close Out)


Metz Premium Hackle Capes and SaddlesEvery time you sit down and tie a fly with Metz feathers, you take part in one of the greatest hatches in history. It began in 1972, when Buck Metz incubated just 82 chicks, genetically selected for superior color and hackle, and started to breed the legendary Metz line. Today, after 25 years of methodical selection, Metz offers the world’s largest variety of premium hackles, in a complete range of natural colors. And as a division of Umpqua Feather Merchants, Metz forms the heart and soul of more than 1,500 patterns. Select Metz for your own tying table, and discover the essence of what we call Umpquality.

Metz Premium Hackle Capes and Saddles

The fly tier's choice between buying either a cape or saddle is determined primarily by the range of fly sizes they intend on tying.  Dry fly capes provide a much greater range of sizes than saddles do. This is because as the cape hackle feathers transition from the top of the rooster's head down the back of its neck, the feathers get gradually and progressively larger in the sizes of flies they will hackle. This range extends from tiny "midge" flies (i.e., size 18 to 24), through the mid-range of sizes (i.e., 12 to 16), clear down to the large sizes (i.e., 6 to 10).


Conversely, dry fly saddle pelts have a considerably narrower range of hackle sizes, but many more flies' worth within their range.  So the fly tier who anticipates tying a wide range of dry fly sizes is better served by a cape pelt, while the tier who is predominantly tying within a two or three hook size range is economically better off choosing a saddle pelt.


Metz #1 Dry Fly Capes (Sold Out)


Metz #2 Dry Fly Capes (Close Out)

Metz #1 Micro-barb Dry Fly Saddles are available at Traditional AnglerMetz Grade No. 2 necks are difficult to tell apart from the No. 1 grade. They’re not quite as heavily hackled and are not perfectly flaw-free.


Metz #1 Dry Fly Capes are available at Traditional Angler

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Metz #1 Hen Neck & Saddle (Close Out)

Metz #1 Micro-barb Dry Fly Saddles are available at Traditional AnglerSuperior quality genetic hen capes and saddles package giving the broadest range of webby feathers for your tying needs. Available in Neck, Saddle, or a complete set (non-matched)


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