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EZ Pliers

EZ Hackle Pliers

These are considered by many to be the best hackle pliers going.  Used in the electronics industry, they grasp all materials effectively without cutting through.  And, they are inexpensive.

Available in standard and midge sizes (midge size does not have finger ring)


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Jade River Bead Nabber

In the process of tying bead head flies, one of the greatest frustrations is getting those beads in place. The smaller the bead, the higher the frustration. The concept of slide-lock tweezers was incorporated into a countersunk tweezer to create the bead-locking tweezers, named the Bead Nabbers™.

These tweezers have a small indent in the end to easily grasp the bead, and the slide lock engages the bead so that it can be slid onto the hook without losing one bead. This is a tool that belongs on every fly tiers bench.


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