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Angling Designs Quick-SeineThe Quick-Seine will provide you with an instant sampling of trout stream insects without the inconvenience of pocket-searching, juggling, or tying-on. A compactable all-white seine net is stored and transported in a pouch on the unused portion of your landing net handle and is always ready to use. The elasticized seine net can stretch over your landing net in seconds to capture and examine insect specimens on or below the surface of the water. The seine net dries completely inside its breathable pouch after use. Transported out of the way on the net handle, it frees up valuable vest-pocket space.

Using the Quick-SeineThe Quick-Seine™ will become a valuable fly-fishing aid for you as it has for many others. It will assist you in selecting more effective fly patterns on-stream, contribute to more productive flies at the fly-tying vise, and enrich your overall fly-fishing experience.

Available in two sizes:

Regular: Fits all oval & teardrop shaped net frames up to 9"W x 13"L. *

Large: Fits oval, teardrop, and all catch & release nets up to 10.5"W x 18.5"L. *

*The Quick-Seine performs best when used on an appropriately sized net. For example, a large Quick-Seine will not work as well if used on a smaller net.

Price: $19.95
Sale Price: $17.95
Savings: $2.00




Handi-measureHandi-measure is a net handle tape measure designed to conveniently measure fish in a landing net. Stored out of the way on the net handle, it's always ready to use and makes the measuring process efficient for both anglers and their fish.

 The Handi-Measure™ attaches with an adjustable strap design and fits all net handles. Its retractable soft tape safely measures fish up to 36 inches (90 centimeters) and is 100% freshwater rust proof. The tape measure also swivels for off-net use so that the angler can measure another angler's fish.

Measuring a fish with Handi-measureThe Handi-Measure™ will enable the angler to measure fish safely without removing them from the water. Fish can be measured by cradling them underneath the net while they are submerged, thus reducing stress and handling. Fish that are longer than the landing net can also be measured in the same manner.

With the measure anchored to the net handle, measuring a fish can be accomplished by the solo angler without the need for assistance. With the measure conveniently stored on the net handle, it eliminates the need to carry a measuring device in already-crowded vest pockets.


Price: $13.95
Sale Price: $12.55
Savings: $1.40



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