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Oasis Fly Tying Benches
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Oasis Material Storage Accessories

Oasis Fly Tying Benches takes pride in producing the finest fly tying organizers in the market today. The finest quality materials, experienced craftsmanship, and unique design all come together in Oasis material storage accessories. The ease of portability of these designs gives the tier the ultimate in flexibility.


Oasis Dubbing Tower 48


Oasis 48 Cpmaprtment Dubbing TowerThe rotating Dubbing Tower 48 holds 4 plastic dubbing boxes that have a dispenser hole on the back of each compartment. Each plastic box holds up to 12 individual dubbings and measures 6" x 3" x 1".


It is a snap to load or remove boxes from tower as needed, but it is best to extract dubbing while still in tower. Rotates for convenient access to each box.


Base measures 6"x6" and is 10 1/2" tall . Solid oak construction. Available with or without dubbing boxes.


Price: $37.95




Oasis Hook Hotel


Oasis Hook Hotel

Stores 5 plastic boxes for organizing your hook inventory. Each 10" x 4 3/4" x 1" box holds 20 different hooks in their 2"x1"x1" compartment.


Each compartment box has a rounded front bottom to make removal of even the smallest hooks a snap. The double hinged lid has a triple snap closure system to keep hooks secure in their own compartment.


Great for storing beads and eyes too.


A 100 sticker sheet in included so you can label each compartment. Front center dowel keeps boxes in place while transporting.


Solid oak construction. Includes 5 Hook Boxes.

Price: $84.95



Oasis Bead and Eye Center


Oasis Bead and Eye Center


Stores 10 of your favorite beads and/or eyes. The three trays in front come in handy when tying.


Solid oak construction.

Price: $19.95



Oasis Sparkle Spinner 16


Oasis Sparkle Spinner 16The vertical slots hold 16 different colors and materials of krystal flash or flash-a-bou materials. The elastic cord keeps materials firmly in place.


Materials are easily removed and then put back in place or just keep them in place and cut off just what you need each time. The added bonus of the 8 brass rods will store an additional 16 spools of materials like tinsel, wire, mylar, lead, or any material found on a spool.


It is 14" tall with a 6" diameter top.

Price: $23.95



Oasis Thread Rack



Stores 120 spools on 60 brass rods (the user taps in rods and leg support)

Price: $27.95



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