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Oasis Fly Tying Benches
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Oasis Fly Tying BenchesOasis Lap Fly Tying Bench (Sold Out)

Oasis Fly Tying Benches takes pride in producing the finest fly tying organizers in the market today. The finest quality materials, experienced craftsmanship, and unique design all come together in an Oasis bench. The ease of portability of these designs means one can tie anywhere and then simply store the bench in an out of the way location until nest time, saving both set up and take down time.

In these designs you will notice a variety of hole sizes, both in width and depth to store the many different tools and bottles that tiers might use. Every hole does not necessarily have to be filled with something, but the large variety gives the ultimate in flexibility. Lastly there is something special about sitting down in front of a nice piece of furniture to tie your own flies.

Oasis Lap Fly Tying Bench



The Oasis Lap Bench is the crème de la crème of fly tying benches. Made of turned oak and exotic woods, this fly tying bench is a real eye catcher.  Its generous work area is the focus of this bench, with tool and material storage all around. It works well on a table or in your lap and is a generous 32" x 16" x 5.5".


Features found on every Oasis Bench include:

  • Solid oak construction with contrasting wood of walnut, or exotic woods on some models

  • Made with screws and glue, no staple or nails.

  • Trays are carved at the front for hooks, beads, eyes, and finished flies

  • Multiple coats of lacquer for a superior, long lasting finish

  • Tool holes in varying sizes and placed efficiently promote tying speed

  • Tapered entrances on smaller holes help in putting tools away

  • A half inch hole for a swing arm lamp

  • Thread storage on unbreakable brass rods

  • Hackle pliers hanger and foam insert for bodkin storage

  • Left handed versions available

  • Front holes for commonly used tools

In addition to the features found on all Oasis benches listed above, the Lap bench also has:

  • 50 plastic spools to fill with body wrapping material

  • 15 brass rods store 30 spools of thread

  • Book holder

  • Bead chain drying rack

  • Background card

  • Surrounded on 4 sides to keep small items contained

  • Round magnet for hooks being used

  • Magnet strip for razor blades

  • Hand holds for easy carrying

  • Felt bottom

  • Bobbin cradle rest

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