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Oasis Fly Tying Benches
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Oasis Lazy Susan Tying Center

Oasis Fly Tying Benches takes pride in producing the finest fly tying organizers in the market today. The finest quality materials, experienced craftsmanship, and unique design all come together in an Oasis bench. The ease of portability of these designs means one can tie anywhere and then simply store the bench in an out of the way location until nest time, saving both set up and take down time.

In these designs you will notice a variety of hole sizes, both in width and depth to store the many different tools and bottles that tiers might use. Every hole does not necessarily have to be filled with something, but the large variety gives the ultimate in flexibility. Lastly there is something special about sitting down in front of a nice piece of furniture to tie your own flies.

Oasis Lazy Susan Tying Center


Oasis Lazy Susan Tying Center


After using the Oasis Lazy Susan you will come to appreciate all of it's features and the small footprint it uses in your tying area. This unit will organize your threads, bobbins, scissors, whip-finishers, head cements, waxes and much more with an overall size of just 8" x 8" x 9" tall (tools and materials not included).


Features found on the Oasis Lazy Susan include:

  • Top level has 20 pass-through assorted-diameter holes to organize your tools. These holes feature tapered entrances to help in putting tools away easily.

  • Top Level also has 4 non-pass-through cutouts for tools you don't wish to drop through this level.

  • Base unit has 13 medium and large-diameter cutouts for bottles, hair stackers, and tubes.

  • Hackle pliers hanger

  • Rippled foam patch for fly and bodkin storage

  • Magnetic patch for additional fly storage

  • 12 brass rods for holding 24 spooled materials.

  • Full steel-ball bearing Lazy Susan mechanism for smooth 360 degree rotation

  • Solid oak construction

  • Made with screws and glue, no staples or nails.

  • Multiple coats of lacquer for a superior, long lasting finish


Price: $59.95


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