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Redington Rod, Reels, & GearRedington CD Fly Reels

Redington Reels - Friendly, Reliable, and Ready for Action. 

From the makers of Sage Fly Rods & Reels 

When a fish makes a hard run for freedom, you’ve got to be ready to bring him back in before he’s gone forever. Redington reels deliver. Smooth drags sing oh-so-sweetly on the way out, protecting tippets from breakage, even if you’re lucky enough for the fish to hit backing.

Whether you choose a heavy-duty Brakewater reel for serious larger fish angling or a good looking Crosswater reel for small streams, the Redington family of reels continually performs every time a fish puts one to the test.


Redington CD Fly Reels

Redington Red Fly Series Fly Reels


You won't find a fly reel that offers better performance and construction at a lower price. Beginners and experienced fly-anglers alike will appreciate the value and performance of this reel. The Red Fly reel features a rugged cast aluminum spool and frame that gives it superior strength without extra weight. The disc drag system adjusts through a wide drag range and the palming rim allows for extra drag when needed. And, these reels easily convert from right to left-hand retrieve. Two available models will handle everything from finicky trout to steelhead and largemouth bass. Both models feature a semi-gloss black finish.


Features include:

  • Die cast aluminum frame and spool

  • Disk drag system

  • Counter balanced spool

  • Attractive wood handle

  • Large, easy to grip drag knob

  • Easy left or right hand retrieve conversion

  • Quick release spool

  • Limited one-year manufacturer's warranty.



Red Fly Model RF2 3/4 Fly Reel (Sold Out)


Red Fly Model RF2 5/6 Fly Reel (Sold Out)


Red Fly Model RF2 7/8/9 Fly Reel (Sold Out)


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