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Renzetti Flt Tying Vises
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Renzetti Fly Tying VisesRenzetti Master Fly Tying Vise (Sold Out)

The mission of Renzetti is to offer the very finest fly tying vises, tools, and accessories available anywhere at any price. In this pursuit, they make no compromises on craftsmanship and design philosophy.

All Renzetti's vises incorporate True Rotary bent shaft technology. This design permits the hook, when the shank is centered in line with the rotary shaft, to maintain its horizontal alignment throughout a full 360o of rotation. No straight shaft vise can make this claim.  In 2001, Renzetti was awarded a Trademark for their bent shaft design.

Renzetti Master Fly tying Vise

Renzetti master ViseThe Master Vise is so named because it does it all. Featuring a cam operated jaw mechanism, it will securely hold hooks from size 28 to a whopping 10/0. This is the vise for the tier who turns out everything from tiny trout flies to feather duster size billfish offerings. If you are a production tier or a serious saltwater buff, this is the vise to own.

The Master has the traditional rotary actuator that allows the tier to rotate the jaws by spinning the rotary arm. Without question, the Master is the most advanced and most versatile vise available today. Two styles of bases from which to choose.

The Presentation Cam is available with c-clamp or pedestal bases (standard SW or Deluxe) that include integral storage pockets. All bases are saltwater (beefier) versions. Please Click Here or scroll down to see available options.

Presentation Cam Vises must be ordered for either right or left handed tiers.

Standard Presentation Cam features include:

  • Advanced rotary actuator (the independent positioning of the fly crank arm affords total versatility in all rotary functions)

  • Precision dual ball bearing rotary head

  • True 360 degree rotation

  • Infinitely adjustable rotary tension

  • Adjustable hideaway material clip

  • Helical cam operated jaw mechanism

  • Brass bobbin cradle support

  • Stainless steel stem

  • Military Spec anti-corrosion coating on jaws and jaw housing

  • 6x6x1/2-inch powder coated base with large pocket




Parachute Tool

Totally adjustable & ample room for roping of thread.


Profile Plate

To maximize your visual acuity when tying, this detachable plate is designed to eliminate background clutter and glare. Depending on your tying needs the plate can be reversed to opt for a pale green or light gray backdrop.

Spinning Attachment

Bobbin Holder Extension

Add up to 4-inches to your existing bobbin cradle. Easy to assemble.

Vise Storage Transport Case

For transporting or simply storing your vise, Renzitti has this sturdy, convenient travel bag fabricated from superior quality ballistic grade nylon fabric. It features comfortable carrying handle, a heavy-duty lockable zipper, elastic storage straps, and two large fully padded and fitted pockets that will accommodate all Renzetti vises.  Features an embroidered Renzetti Logo.

Au Sable Speed Crank

If you are winding a lot of thread/material around the hook shank, this attachment with a 2:1 gear ratio can cut your tying time in half.

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