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Gudebrod Rod Wrapping Thread is available at Traditional Angler
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Gudebrod Rod Wrapping Thread is available at Traditional AnglerGudebrod Nylon Size "A" Thread

Stronger by weight than steel wire! Of all styles of thread manufactured by Gudebrod, these are the strongest and have the brightest color. Pressure dyed with high quality, color fast dye material. This thread is the best for wrapping guides, decorative diamond wraps on rod butts, or wrapping jigs and tying bucktails.

To maintain color of wraps, use a color preserver.  100 yard spool.



0001 Black Black
0002 White White
0037 Light Blue Light Blue
0050 Cobalt Blue Cobalt Blue
0066 Navy Navy
0105 Spring Green Spring Green
0200 Sunburst Sunburst
0206 Garnet Garnet
0209 Goldenrod Goldenrod
0221 Orange Orange
0245 Royal Blue Royal Blue
0246 Dark Blue Dark Blue
0257 Rust Rust
0272 Blue Dun Blue Dun
0290 Tan Tan
0326 Scarlet Scarlet
0335 Candy Apple Candy Apple
0337 Maroon Maroon
0340 Gold Gold
0396 Dark Brown Dark Brown
0411 Hot Pink Hot Pink
0441 Charcoal Charcoal
0468 Purple Purple
0541 Medium Brown Medium Brown
0638 Teal Teal
0720 Medium Gray Medium Gray
1011 Gunmetal Gun Metal
5274 Chestnut Chestnut
5896 Dark Green Dark Green
6778 Light Yellow Light Yellow
6779 Medium Green Medium green

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