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Scientific Anglers Mastery System L2L Leaders and Connectors
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Scientifc Anglers L2L Tapered Leaders and Line ConnectorsScientific Anglers Mastery L2L Knotless Tapered Trout Leaders

 The Ultimate Line-To-Leader Connection!

Scientific Anglers Mastery L2L Knotless Tapered Leaders



Scientific Anglers™ System™ L2L Line and Leader Connectors improve overall fishability — in a snap. Scientific Anglers™ System™ L2L Connectors — the latest innovation from 3M Scientific Anglers — make changing leaders faster and easier than ever. Plus, these remarkable fly fishing enhancements also offer a variety of advantages over nail knots and loops.


Replaces nail knots and loop-to-loop connections.


Scientific Anglers™ System™ L2L connectors are also the ultimate low-profile strike indicators


Streamlined design doesn't spook fish.


Scientific Anglers™ System™ L2L Leader Connectors are prerigged and available on Scientific Anglers™ Trout Leaders.


Scientific Anglers™ System™ L2L Line Connectors are sold separately in five-Connector packs for installing on your fly line of 7weight or smaller.


9' Mastery Trout L2L Freshwater Tapered Leaders

SA Mastery L2L Trout LeaderScientific Anglers™ System™ L2L Leader Connectors are prerigged and available on Scientific Anglers™ Trout Leaders (does not include a line connector - get those below).

Ideal for most fishing situations. Excels in windy conditions.


Maximum knot strength while retaining balance of properties.


Specially designed with a longer, larger butt for improved turnover and delivery of trout and panfish flies. Unique composition lays straighter on the water than other leaders. Very low memory, less coiling. High abrasion resistance.

MATERIAL: Nylon copolymer blend for balanced properties and easy straightening.

COLOR: Light Olive

L2L Leader Specs


Scientific Anglers L2L Fly Line Connector Receiver Card

L2L Fly Line ConnectorScientific Anglers™ System™ L2L Fly Line Connectors are needed to work with L2L leaders.  Includes 5 line connectors and a tool for facilitating getting the connector on the line.


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