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Scientific Anglers Fly Fishing Fly Lines, Fly Fishing Outfits, Fly Fishing Reels, and Fly Fishing Accessories are available at Traditional AnglerMastery Saltwater Billfish Sinking Fly Lines

SA Mastery Saltwater Billfish Sinking Fly LineThe Billfish sinking lines are are designed to cast large wind-resistannt flies to sailfish and marlin.

Sink Rate: 4.5 to 5.0 ips

Employs Saltwater Advanced Shooting Technology (AST) floating, for enhanced casting performance.

Scientific Anglers Ultra 4 Fly Fishing Fly Lines available at Traditional AnglerMastery lines incorporate Scientific Anglers' Advanced Shooting Technology. The unique 'dry-slick' coating enhances every aspect of floating line performance. In just three short years, amazing AST - Advanced Shooting Technology - has redefined fly-line performance. Using a patented coating process, AST is integrated within the line coating to achieve a unique 'dry' slickness that keeps the line permanently slick and continuously clean. Try an AST line just once, and nothing else will do.

The dry slickness of AST prevents dirt and algae from clinging to line, which means line stays cleaner and floats higher for longer intervals. AST isn't just permanently slick - it's lightning slick for the fastest, smoothest shooting of your life. With AST, line shoots through the guides virtually friction-free and keeps on doing it for the life of the line - without the need for dressing. Plus, because the line stays so clean and free of debris with AST, Scientific Anglers lines are significantly less prone to wear and corrosion.

Mastery Saltwater Billfish Sinking Fly Lines

  • SA Mastery Saltwater Billfish Sinking Fly LineThe ultimate choice for casting huge, wind-resistant flies to sailfish and marlin

  • For short, quick casts with less effort

  • Ideal for large tandem-hook flies

SINK RATE: 4.5-5.0 ips



  • Short head and powerful front taper turn over the most massive saltwater flies with ease

  • Head design minimizes false casts with large flies

  • Small diameter and medium-fast sink rate reduce water resistance and minimize break-offs during those frantic first runs

  • Shorter line cuts down on line drag through the water

  • Outstanding line control and accuracy

  • Advanced taper improves performance in the wind

  • Easy-to-follow orange color

CORE: Braided multifilament nylon


COATING: Specially formulated 3M saltwater PVC integrated with high-density glass beads


COLOR: Orange



Price: $68.95




SA Mastery Saltwater Billfish Sinking Fly Line Profile

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