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Scientific Anglers Fly Fishing Fly Lines, Fly Fishing Outfits, Fly Fishing Reels, and Fly Fishing Accessories are available at Traditional AnglerScientific Anglers Mastery Stillwater Full Sinking Fly Lines

Scientific Anglers Mastery Stillwater Full Sinking Fly LinesMastery Series Stillwater full sinking line is best used as a slow sinking line in still water for line-wary fish.  You can even grease with silicone for surface fishing in slow moving water. A greased line will stay up long enough for most dry fly drifts. (works only with lighter lines, 2 - 5 weight.

The Stillwater is crystal clear for low line visibility, has a slow sinking (1.25 - 2.0 i.p.s.), and its small diameter taper design and hard surface contribute to excellent casting performance.  It is designed to excel at distance casting, but also works well in close.  Stillwater's special core minimizes memory, even in cold air and water.

Mastery Stillwater Full Sinking Fly Lines

  •  Scientific Angler Mastery Stillwater Full Sinking Fly LinesInvisible Sub-Surface Fly Line

  • Slow, slow sinking for fishing shallow water

  • Ideal for stealth deliveries

  • Ideal for clear water and wary fish

  • Excellent on windy days

SINK RATES: 1.25-2.0 ips



  • Crystal clear for the lowest visibility # Extra-small diameter for easier casting

  • Individually tailored heads and tapers allow the ideal balance between distance and finesse

  • Hard surface further enhances castability


  • Small-diameter high-tech monofilament

  • Formulated to minimize memory in cold conditions

COATING: Mastery Series clear 3M PVC


COLOR: Clear




Price: $59.95




Scientific Anglers Stillwater Fly Line Profile

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