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Scientific Anglers Fly Fishing Fly Lines, Fly Fishing Outfits, Fly Fishing Reels, and Fly Fishing Accessories are available at Traditional AnglerScientific Anglers Mastery Tri Tipô Spey Multi Tip Fly Lines

Scientific Anglers Mastery Tri Tip Spey Multi Tip Fly LineMastery Tri Tipô Spey lines are designed to provide the angler with a flexible system for fishing steelhead and salmon in a wide variety of conditions.  This is the premier line for two-handed rods and spey fishing.

The Tri Tipô Spey features a Mastery Series weight forward line with 3 different density interchangeable tips that easily connect with strong, stiff, reliable braided loop connections. The three tips included are an Advanced Shooting Technology (AST) floating, a clear slow sinking intermediate, and a Type IV fast sinking.  All tips are 15 ft. long with tailored head lengths for best casting/fishing performance.  Tips are packed in zippered, mesh wallet.

Scientific Anglers Ultra 4 Fly Fishing Fly Lines available at Traditional AnglerMastery lines incorporate Scientific Anglers' Advanced Shooting Technology. The unique 'dry-slick' coating enhances every aspect of floating line performance. In just three short years, amazing AST - Advanced Shooting Technology - has redefined fly-line performance. Using a patented coating process, AST is integrated within the line coating to achieve a unique 'dry' slickness that keeps the line permanently slick and continuously clean. Try an AST line just once, and nothing else will do.

The dry slickness of AST prevents dirt and algae from clinging to line, which means line stays cleaner and floats higher for longer intervals. AST isn't just permanently slick - it's lightning slick for the fastest, smoothest shooting of your life. With AST, line shoots through the guides virtually friction-free and keeps on doing it for the life of the line - without the need for dressing. Plus, because the line stays so clean and free of debris with AST, Scientific Anglers lines are significantly less prone to wear and corrosion.

Mastery Tri Tipô Spey Multi Tip Fly Lines

  •  Scientific Angler Mastery Tri Tip Spey Multi Tip Fly LinesThree-Piece Floating/Sinking-Tip System

  • A flexible system for wide variety of conditions

  • The premier steelhead/salmon line for two-handed rods and spey fishing


  • Floating line formulated with AST

  • Tips attach with strong, stiff braided loop-to-loop connections for minimal hinging, smooth casting

  • 60'-65' head length for easier casting and improved handling


  • 15' AST-formulated floating tip

  • 15' Type I slow-sinking (1.5-2.0 ips) Stillwater clear tip

  • 15' Type IV fast-sinking (3.75-5.5 ips) Wet Tipô

CORE: Braided multifilament nylon



  • Main line and floating tip: specially formulated 3M PVC integrated with patented AST - Advanced Shooting Technology

  • Sinking tips: advanced 3M Mastery Series sinking-line coating technology

COLOR: Green


STIFFNESS: Low/Moderate


Price: $124.95




Scientific Anglers Tri Tip Spey Multi Tip Fly Line Profile

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