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Scientific Anglers Fly Fishing Fly Lines, Fly Fishing Outfits, Fly Fishing Reels, and Fly Fishing Accessories are available at Traditional AnglerScientific Anglers Mastery Uniform Plus Full Sinking Fly Lines

Scientific Anglers Mastery Uniform Sink Plus Full Sinking Fly LineMastery Series Uniform Sink+ Lines are designed to be the very best graduated density sinking lines made. These lines excel in any application where strike detection is difficult, such as stillwater trout angling.

Uniform Sink Plus lines feature straight line sinking through a series of gradual changes in the coating density true density gradation (sink rates: 1.5 - 6.0 inches per second).  The sink rate of line is highest near the tip allowing the line to fish very straight.  These lines also have an unique taper design for better casting than other sinking line on the market.  Uniform Sink Plus comes in five sink rates to effectively fish all depths.

All Uniform Sink Plus use cores of standard braided nylon and PVC coatings loaded with tungsten or high density glass beads.  Each line weight has individually tailored head lengths for optimum distance casting.

Scientific Anglers Mastery Uniform Plus Full Sinking Fly Lines

  •  Scientific Anglers Mastery Uniform Sink Plus Full Sinking Fly LineGraduated-Density Sinking Fly Line

  • Unparalleled even-sinking performance for the ultimate straight-line connection to fish

  • Super sensitivity is ideal where strike detection is difficult

  • Five sink rates to effectively fish all depths


  • 1.5-6.0 ips 

  • Intermediate/Type I 1' - 2' depths. Ideal for trout, bass and panfish over shallow beds or just beneath the surface. (Blue)

  • Type II 2' - 4' depths. Excellent general sinking line, especially for fishing lakes with shallow to medium depths.  (Blue)

  • Type III 3' - 7' depths. Quickly gets flies 3' to 7' deep. (Midnight)

  • Type IV & V 10' - 20' depths. For deeper lakes and ocean-fishing.  (Midnight)


  • Unique Mastery Series design for superior casting over other sinking lines

  • The exclusive Uniform Sink Plus design eliminates line sag to increase fishability, sensitivity, and hook-setting power

CORE: Braided multifilament nylon



  • Specially formulated PVC integrated with powdered tungsten or high-density glass beads

  • True gradual coating density creates a level of casting performance and straight-line sinking never before available



Type I
Price: $59.95



Type II
Price: $59.95



Type III
Price: $59.95




Type IV

Price: $59.95




Type V

Price: $59.95




Scientific Anglers Mastery Uniform Sink Plus Full Sinking Fly Line Profile

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