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Scientific Anglers Fly Fishing Fly Lines, Fly Fishing Outfits, Fly Fishing Reels, and Fly Fishing Accessories are available at Traditional AnglerScientific Anglers Sinking Tip Fly Lines


Scientific Anglers Ultra 4 Fly Fishing Fly Lines available at Traditional AnglerGet your fly where the fish are feeding. Sinking tip lines are often your best choice for reaching feeding fish in moving water. Scientific Anglers™ sinking tip lines reach fish feeding deeper than a foot or two below the surface - beyond the reach of floating lines. Scientific Anglers™ sinking tip lines also provide the visibility of a floating line for easier strike detection, unlike full sinking lines where your ability to detect strikes is limited to the sensitivity of your rod and tautness of line. The first 8 to 14 feet of line features our advanced high-density sinking design. You can choose from four sink rates to drop your line into just about any strike zone you discover. The remainder of each Ultra 4 sinking tip line is formulated with AST for the ultimate in shooting and casting performance, as well as outstanding durability. Ultra 4 sinking tip lines also feature 3M Microballoon technology to ensure excellent floatation. You'll also be able to mend the line for more control, and take advantage of quicker pickups and recasts.

Scientific Anglers Fly Fishing Ulta 4 Sinking Tip Fly Lines are available at Traditional Angler

Sink depths are primarily affected by current and are somewhat limited by the planing effect of fast-moving water against the line. Determining the best sinking tip line for any given application should be based on current speed, water depth, and retrieve rate.

Type II — 1' - 4' depths in moderate currents; shallower in fast currents.
Type III — 3' - 5' in moderate currents; shallower in fast; deeper in slow.
Type IV — 5' - 8' in moderate currents; shallower in fast; deeper in slow.
Type V — 8'+ in moderate currents. Ideal for deep fish and fast currents.

The dry slickness of the AST running line prevents dirt and algae from clinging to line, which means line stays cleaner and floats higher for longer intervals. AST isn't just permanently slick - it's lightning slick for the fastest, smoothest shooting of your life. With AST, line shoots through the guides virtually friction-free and keeps on doing it for the life of the line - without the need for dressing. Ultra 4 line shoots through the guides with minimum impediment for exceptional distance.

AST keeps line clean. Dirt and algae cling to silicone-coated fly lines and to lines that have been dressed. But the dry, permanently slick AST coating doesn't give debris anything to cling to, so line stays clean and free of the foreign matter that can ruin fly line performance. The AST coating is inherently more durable. Plus, because the line stays so clean and free of debris with AST, Ultra 4 is significantly less prone to wear and corrosion.

Scientific Anglers Fly Fishing Ulta 4 Sinking Tip Fly Lines are available at Traditional AnglerUltra 4 Wet Tip™ Fly Line


Designed for moving water situations requiring enhanced castability and line control.  Ideal for streamers and wet flies for trout, steelhead, salmon, and smallmouth bass.  Superior straight-line connection to fish.  High-floating AST-formulated floating section.  The ultimate in castability and durability.  Excels in all weather conditions.

  • Available in sink rates from 1.5 to 6.5 inches per second.

  • Tailored tip lengths from 8' to 14'. Longer head design and permanently slick AST coating allow longer casts and greater control.

  • Coating is an exclusive blend of 3M PVC formulated with patented AST - Advanced Shooting Technology - floating line and industry-leading sinking- line technology.

  • Weight Forward taper with a mid-length head for the ideal balance of distance and control.  Individual tapers for optimal performance over each line's typical range.  Weight-specific front tapers insure proper delivery.

Available in Buckskin/Black (Type IV),  Buckskin/Gray (Type III), or Buckskin/Green (Type II and III)

Weight Forward


Ultra 4 Wet Tip Fly Line Specifications

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