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Sunset Amnesia

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Sunsset AmnesiaSunset Amnesia Memory Free Shooting Line & Leader Butt Material


Amnesia has earned the worldwide consensus that it is the finest shooting line available for backing shooting tapers.

In an exclusive process developed by Sunset, solid filament Amnesia is produced without "memory", a filament's tendency to return to its original position. That makes Amnesia monofilament the ideal shooting line.

Amnesia strips off the reel at the start of the day like any monofilament, in tight coils. In preparation for use, Amnesia is stretched - it gives about 10 percent. For the rest of the day, Amnesia lays in loose, tangle free loops. When a head is released, Amnesia shoots up through the guides freely, without the knotting or the set of monofilament coils to slow it passage. Amnesia is round, superior to flattened or oval monofilament because it cuts through the water. Flattened monofilament planes in the water, developing slack and retarding the sinking of the head. Memory free Amnesia in a range of 15 lb to 40 lb covers the gamut of fly fishing potential. Each test offers the superb shooting and fishing qualities that make Amnesia the best shooting line available.

200-ft spools Color: Fluorescent Red or Fluorescent Green


Available Sizes


15 lbs.


20 lbs.


25 lbs.


30 lbs.


40 lbs.



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