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Duncan Tailknott'r
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Duncan Tailknott'r Knot Tying Tool

The Duncan Tailknott’r is a patented quality tool that is engineered to produce rapid and simple knots. The Tailknott’r has no moving parts and is lightweight. It is cast in a corrosion resistant metal creating an attractive and functional tool. For the novice and experienced fisherman alike, the Tailknott’r produces repeatable, strong knots, quickly; knot after knot.

Duncan Tailknott'rThe Tailknott’r can be used for tying twenty seven (27) different knots at this time, such as:

• Nail Knot

• Tail Knot (improved clinch)

• Nail Knot Splice

• Dropper Loop

• Long Tag Dropper

• Albright Knot and Loop, Surgeon's Loop, Egg Loop Snell, Eye Loop

• And many, many more....Duncan Tailknott'r

The Tailknott’r ties easy fisherman friendly knots that are used constantly in hook/line connections. One, the Tailknott can be opened to create a hanging loop for free lure, hook or fly movement. The tied loop can be placed directly over the hook eye without threading the hook eye for a quick change connection.

The Tailknott'r ties knots in Spider Wire and Fire Wire lines. The blade in the mouth quickly cuts these lines and any leader or line. Shank ties create excellent knot strength and are quick to tie using the groove in the tail to for send the tag end through.

Includes a free DVD illustrating live demos on how to tie all the knots important to fly fishers.


Price: $9.95


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