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Jim Teeny Fly Lines
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Jim Teeny Fly LinesTeeny Freshwater Invisi-Tip Intermediate Fly Lines

Designed for chironomid fishing, when fish are feeding just below the surface. This will keep your fly just below the surface without allowing it to sink too deep. The 3 feet of slow sinking tip will consistently keep your fly in the strike zone.

Jim Teeny Basics DVD. Included In Every Fly line Box! Jim Teeny's "Fly Fishing Basics" DVD Jim teeny is known for breaking traditions and this DVD is another example of this spirit. This project grew from the desire for all fly fishing anglers to better understand the basics of our sport.

Jim explores all the things you need to know to successfully start out in the sport of fly fishing. Casting, equipment, knots, fly tying, reading the water and much more.

Teeny Freshwater Invisi-Tip Intermediate Fly Lines

Jim Teeny Invisi-Tip Sinking Tip Fly Lines

  • Overall Length: 90 feet.

  • Sinking Tip Length: 3 feet.

  • Floating Running Line Length: 58 feet.





Type Sink Rate Water Type/Fish


(Clear Tip Green Line)


1.35 to 1.65 ips

Lakes - Trout, Bass & Bluegill.


Price: $59.99




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