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Jim Teeny Fly LinesTeeny Gary LaFontaine Professional Floating Fly Line

The Teeny Nymph company has joined forces with Lefty Kreh, Gary LaFontaine, Flip Pallot, Dave Whitlock, Kelly Galloup, Billy Pate and Pat Ehlers to present to you the Professional Series -- a group of fly lines designed by some of the industry's finest fly fishermen. Each was asked what new fly line they would like to see made that would be of their design, taper and color. The result is our new and exciting Professional Series.

Gary LaFontaine, author of many trout books and well-known lecturer, designed an improved weight forward floating line. What he wanted more than anything else was a very easy casting, accurate line for dry fly fishing and shallow water nymphing. This fly line has the perfect taper for smooth casting and is designed for the ultimate control necessary for delicate and accurate presentation.

Jim Teeny Basics DVD. Included In Every Fly line Box! Jim Teeny's "Fly Fishing Basics" DVD Jim teeny is known for breaking traditions and this DVD is another example of this spirit. This project grew from the desire for all fly fishing anglers to better understand the basics of our sport.

Jim explores all the things you need to know to successfully start out in the sport of fly fishing. Casting, equipment, knots, fly tying, reading the water and much more.

Teeny Gary LaFontaine Professional Floating Fly Line

Jim Teeny LaFontaine Floating Fly Lines

Overall Length: 82 feet.








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Streams, Rivers & Lakes. Any fish you can throw a fly at.


Price: $47.99




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