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Teton Fly reels - Made in the USATeton Tioga Magnum Wide Arbor Fly Reels (Sold Out)

Teton - Fly Reels Beautifully Simple. 

Teton's Tioga is one of the greatest values in fly reels today, period. And, they are made entirely in the USA.  The Tioga Magnum is a true wide-arbor fly reel that captures all the features of the traditional Tioga, but with wider frame for increased line capacity.

  • The Tioga Magnum is machined from a solid block of space age aluminum alloy using computer machining methods, which keeps production costs extremely low.

  • These reels feature full cage construction, which ensures your reel will maintain its structural integrity even through a severe beating. Teton's full cage has been designed to weigh no more than a comparably sized open cage reels.

  • Tiogas Magnums are anodized with a durable black finish to resist corrosion and abrasion.

Teton Tioga Magnum Front View
Teton Tioga Magnum Top View
  • Patented disc drag systems using discs made of delrin, a superb material because of its rugged durability and ability to disperse heat. These qualities ensure your drag will perform flawlessly even through the longest run. A neoprene washer incorporated in the drag design provides a shock absorbing effect to lessen the impact of the sudden taking of line when a fish initiates its run.

  • Changing from right- to left-hand retrieve can be accomplished in seconds.


  • The Tioga Magnum is suitable for use in both fresh and saltwater.  Tiogas Size #7 and up are additionally treated with a new, proprietary, A059 Teflon coating process which will add 1000 more hours of saltwater protection over type-3 anodizing alone. In saltwater, it is always advisable to thoroughly rinse the reel in warm, fresh water to prevent the buildup of salt deposits.

  • All Tioga Magnum reels feature a Lifetime Warranty to the original owner.

Available in Black


Tioga Magnum Model 8 Fly Reel

  • Weight: 7.6 oz

  • Capacity: WF-8F and 150 yds 20# backing

  • Spool Diameter, Width: 3.25 In., 1.20 In.

  • Arbor Diameter: 1.80 In.

  • Diameter:  3.50

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