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Tippet Spool Restrains and Bungees from Rio and May Fly Hex
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Rio Floating Fly Fishing Lines available at Traditional AnglerLe Strap Tippet Restraints


Rio Le Strap Tippet RestraintsPatented elastic tippet tamer with brass eyelet for perfect control on spool. Same design as that which comes standard on Rio's tippet spools. Does not harm tippet. 4 per pack. 3 different sizes are available for all manufacturers.

Size #1: Orvis/Dai-Riki

Size #2: Cabelas/Climax

Size #3: Maxima



MayFly Hex-cessories for fly fishing are available at Traditional AnglerTippet Spool Bungee

MayFly Hex Tippet Spool Bungees available at Traditional Angler Elastic band and brass inserted wood orifice keeps tippet on the spool.  No more tangles or wild lengths of tippet extending from your vest pocket or tippet dispenser.  Adds just the right amount of tension to keep you in control when accessing material.  Available in small (for small tippet spools like Climax and Cortland) and large (for medium to large spools like Maxima).  3-pack. 

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