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Quality Fly Tying Tools By Metz and Umpqua.
Umpqua Fly Tying ToolsMetz fly Tying Tools

Umpqua Standard Bobbins

Umpqua Standard and Long Bobbins

Standard design bobbins.  Long and standard versions are available.


Umpqua Bobbin Threader

Umpqua Bobbin Threader

Makes easy work of threading your bobbins


Umpqua Bobbin Threader/Cleaner

Umpqua Bobbin Threader/Cleaner

Makes easy work of threading and keeping your bobbins clean of wax buildup.


Umpqua Bodkin with Half-Hitch



Umpqua Whip Finisher

Umpqua Whip Finisher

Traditional non-rotary whip finisher design introduced by Thompson.


Umpqua Matarelli Style Whip Finisher

Rotating Whip Finisher

Traditional Matarelli style rotating whip finisher.


Cal Bird's Dubbing Hook

Cal Bird's Dubbing Tool

Simple hook dubbing tool is perfect for spinning durable fly bodies. Made from stainless steel and brass


Barr's Dubbing Teaser

Barr's Dubbing Teaser

The needle is actually a rasp for "fuzzing" dubbing to give a more lifelike appearance to your ties.


Umpqua English-Style Hackle Pliers

Umpqua English Style Hackle Pliers

Excellent English style hackle pliers that will hold your hackle.


Umpqua Material Clip

Wrap around vise to hold materials out of the way during the construction process.


Umpqua Hackle Guards

Umpqua Hackle Guards

Protects hackle while whip finishing the head on traditional dry flies. Particularly valuable when tying bulky patterns such as Stimulators, Wulffs, and Humpies. Set of three hackle guards that cover a broad range of hook sizes.


Metz Hackle Gauge

Metz Hackle Gauge

Helps the tier measure hackle to the appropriate size for the hook being used. Fits the shaft (3/8") of most common fly tying vises, so that it will always be where you need it.


Umpqua Stack'n Clamp Precision Hair Vise

Umpqua Stack'n Clamp Precision Hair ViseStacks and clamps hair faster and better than any traditional hair stacker.  No more fumbling and fly proportions are easier to replicate.  And, it can clamp hair at the butt or tips.

Comes with three inserts for stacking hair in hooks sizes 8 to 10, 12 to 14, and 16 to 18.  Makes tying with hair fun.



Umpqua Tier's Caddy

Foam organizer for tools and materials (tools and materials not included).


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