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William Joseph Fly Fishing Packs, Gear, and Travel BagsWilliam Joseph BFD Rolling Duffle Bag

Outstanding innovation, manufacturing, and design are the elements that each William Joseph fly fishing product embodies. Used around the world by professionals and seasoned outdoorsman alike, William Joseph sets the benchmark to judge all others.

Just notice their product warranty:

William Joseph's warranty is the best in the business. Their commitment is an UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME WARRANTY on any and all of their products. They don't care if you have a receipt or not, if you got it as a gift, or if you bought it at a garage sale. It doesn't matter if you backed over it with your truck, as long as its repairable, they will fix it for free, forever, no matter who's at fault and it's no questions asked.

William Joseph BFD Rolling Duffle Bag (Sold Out)

William Joseph BFD Duffle Bag


William Joseph's BFD duffle bag is one amazing piece of equipment. It features over 11,000 cubic inches of gear hauling storage space. That is big.

William Joseph BFD Duffle BagDon't be afraid to overstuff it, because the BFD is wrapped in enough webbing and extra strength zippers to keep your belongings secure even around the most aggressive airline baggage handlers.

And, with its oversize urethane wheels and integrated pull- handle, the BFD makes it relatively easy to transport your massive loads over long distances and variable terrain without much strain.

This rolling duffle bag features a zip out bottom that will hold at least 6 rod tubes and a large main compartment almost big enough to live in. Getting odd-shaped gear into the main compartment is rendered quite easy with a huge zippered turn-down opening. Two large side compartments flank the main storage area and also include zippered entries that make loading odd-shaped gear and overstuffing not much of an effort.

William Joseph BFD Duffle BagThe William Joseph BFD Rolling Duffle Bag features:

  • Separate rod tube compartment

  • Handy end and side pockets

  • Hefty rolling hardware

  • Overbuilt zippers, webbing, and handles

  • Gnarly skid plates on the bottom protect the bag and contents from damage

  • This wader bag is completely different. The side panels open up so wide you can actually load your bulky gear at just about any angle. No second pair of hand are required with this wader bag. Which is particularly nice when you are working from the tailgate of your truck.






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