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William Joseph Fly Fishing Packs, Gear, and Travel BagsWilliam Joseph Creel Fly Fishing Pack (Sold Out)

Outstanding innovation, manufacturing, and design are the elements that each William Joseph fly fishing product embodies. Used around the world by professionals and seasoned outdoorsman alike, William Joseph sets the benchmark to judge all others.

Just notice their product warranty:

William Joseph's warranty is the best in the business. Their commitment is an UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME WARRANTY on any and all of their products. They don't care if you have a receipt or not, if you got it as a gift, or if you bought it at a garage sale. It doesn't matter if you backed over it with your truck, as long as its repairable, they will fix it for free, forever, no matter who's at fault and it's no questions asked.

William Joseph Creel Fly Fishing Pack

William Joseph's Creel Pack pushes innovation to its limits. This pack represents a whole new category in carry systems. Resting on one shoulder and slung across the body, the Creel does a phenomenal job at disbursing weight over such a vast area that you will forget that you are carrying anything.

William Joseph Creel Back in StoneThe Creel's design makes it works well for right and left handed anglers, and frees you up for the best casting of your life. Furthermore, the Creel provides easy accessibility for all of your equipment. Simply spin it around and everything is within your grasp. So if you have not been able to make a vest or chest pack work for you in the past, the Creel may be just what you are looking for.

The front of the Creel features William Joseph's famous zippered drop-down workstation storage pod.  Open one zipper and a workstation with removable ripple foam fly patch is revealed.  The workstation section also have numerous divided compartments and enough space for big fly boxes. Additionally, each workstation area has its own removable waterproof zippered bag for safely storing your camera and wallet. There is even elastic loop for your fly floatant bottle.

There are also smaller zippered storage compartment that houses William Joseph's patented Tippet Control System, which simultaneously manages and distributes five spools of tippet material, so you'll never have to dig for another spool again. And finally, there is one full length non-zippered storage area, behind the zippered ones, with enough space for carry an additional large fly box. There are two zingers and plenty of attachment points for all your streamside accessories and tools.

The rear of the Creel features two larges zippered compartments with enough storage space for a hydration bladder and lunch. There are also plenty of D-rings and adjustable straps for securing larger gear, like nets and rod tubes.

  • Large rear pack with zippered compartments that is 100 oz hydration bladder capable (bladder sold separately)

  • Large storage pods with drop-down workstation

  • Adjustable suspension system ensures a comfortable fit for all sizes of fly fishers

  • Aerospace breathable backing that keeps you cool and dry in the hottest of weather

  • Numerous D-rings, cubbies, straps, attachment points, for just about anything you want to carry

  • Two built in coiled zingers in their own storage compartment for tool attachment

  • Tippet Control System (TCS)

  • Floatant bottle loop

  • Water resistant interior zippered storage bags for camera and wallet protection

  • Most interior cavities lined with a water and stain resistant coated fabric

  • Casting friendly ergonomic design

  • Weighs in at 1.5 lbs

  • Colors: Moss Green or Stone



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