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William Joseph Fly Fishing Packs, Gear, and Travel BagsWilliam Joseph Fusion Fly Fishing Vest (Sold Out)

Outstanding innovation, manufacturing, and design are the elements that each William Joseph fly fishing product embodies. Used around the world by professionals and seasoned outdoorsman alike, William Joseph sets the benchmark to judge all others.

Just notice their product warranty:

William Joseph's warranty is the best in the business. Their commitment is an UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME WARRANTY on any and all of their products. They don't care if you have a receipt or not, if you got it as a gift, or if you bought it at a garage sale. It doesn't matter if you backed over it with your truck, as long as its repairable, they will fix it for free, forever, no matter who's at fault and it's no questions asked.

William Joseph Fusion Fly Fishing Vest


The Fusion Vest (named Best 2006 New Product Award at The Fly Fishing Retailers Trade show by American Angler Magazine) combines the latest in materials and manufacturing technology with the classic functionality of the traditional fly-fishing vest. It retains the look and feel of a vest, has plenty of easily accessed pockets, and also offers the weight distribution and workstation advantages of a chest pack.

William Joseph designed this vest to be the best and most innovative in the marketplace. It incorporates a new fabric called "Soft Shell". Not only is this fabric waterproof, it is also breathable and stretchable. Now you'll have a vest that protects its contents and keeps the wearer cooler and more comfortable. Another unique feature of the Fusion is that it is  and is fully hydration bladder compatible.

Much of the typical stitching used in conventional vest manufacturing was eliminated by replacing traditional seams with "fabric welding" that not only look great, but are stronger  and completely waterproof.  There are 40% less stitches in this vest. Add some waterproof zippers and you have pockets that are highly water resistant.

Other innovative features include a fold-down workstation hidden in the top left pocket and a built-in high intensity LED light for dusk or nighttime use.

  • Hydration compatible

  • Over 17 pockets

  • Built-in stainless steel retractors

  • Utilizes soft shell fabrics

  • Tool holsters

  • Fold-over-and-down workstation

  •  Lightweight and comfortable


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