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Waterworks Under(Wader)Wear
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Waterworks Under(wader)WearWaterworks Under (Wader) Wear

Waterworks Under(Wader)Wear Top

In order to be comfortable wading – whether you are wearing neoprene waders, breathable waders or are wet wading – you need to have the right garment against your skin. Under (wader) wear from Waterworks/Lamson is the superior comfort solution.

Under (wader) Wear is simply the best solution for comfort and warmth under waders. These skin-layer garments are made from a patented high-performance fabric that wicks moisture faster than any other tested.

This material is just amazing in its performance.

Under (wader) Wearwill continue to wick moisture off your skin and keep you dry no matter how much condensation or perspiration is generated….it just does not saturate! Fantastic stuff.

Under (wader) Wear effectively regulates body temperature. Waterworks/Lamson is the only company manufacturing fly fishing garments from this patented fabric. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Waterworks Under(Wader)Wear BottomThe tights are designed specifically for use under waders, with high waist, room in the thighs and tight on the ankles.  They use a drawstring for waist adjustment

The tops have a 12” zipper for ventilation.

Under (wader) Wear is Comfortable down to 20 degrees.


Top chest sizing:

S (36-38), M (38-40), L (42-44), XL (46-48), XXL(50-52)

Bottom waist sizing:

 S(28-30) M(32-34) L(36-38) XL(40-42) XXL(44-48)



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