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Wasatch Fly Tying Tool Sets are available at Traditional Angler
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Wasatch Fly Tying Tool Sets are available at Traditional AnglerWasatch Custom Fly Tying Tools (Sold Out)

Wasatch tools are manufactured in the United States. Most of the parts are fabricated in Springfield, Oregon and sent to Ogden, Utah, where secondary operations are performed and polishing/assembly is completed. Each tool is inspected by the owner before shipment.

Wasatch Fly tying Tools Set available at Traditional Angler

Wasatch tools use American birch that has been dyed to look like Cocobolo wood (an endangered species), stabilized, and compressed to make it about twice as dense as normal. This process provides a material that can't be distinguished from the endangered variety, but won't darken with age and is very very strong.

Gift boxes are laser-etched embossed with fly fishing art from two sources.  These include a Jason Borger line drawing depicting a trout rising for a fly and insect fly life cycle  provided by Fly Girls, a Michigan based fly fishing club. This unusual art depicts the life cycle of mayflies, caddis flies, or stoneflies; buyer's choice. Royalties paid to the club are used for a variety of conservation and education programs.

Click here to see example of the art work.

Boxes may also be customized with your name.  This will add about one week to the delivery time, so plan appropriately.

Wasatch tools are so well made, they carry a full 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee.  If you have a problem with a Wasatch tool, just return it to their factory in Ogden, and it will be replaced, no questions asked.



Thirty-Two (32) Piece Presentation Fly Tying Tool Set

Wasatch 32 Piece Presentation Fly Tying Tools in Wood Case

This set of tools is beyond belief.  Comes in the large wooden case pictured in the top photo.  Your get to pick the design (Click here to see example of the art work) used for the case and can have your name inscribed on it also.  What a gift for that special fly tier.

The kit includes:

  • 4 Bobbins

  • 1 Scissors

  • 5 Hair stackers

  • 1 Turbo Dubbing Whirler

  • 1 Wood Dubbing Whirler

  • 1 Material Turbo Whirler

  • 2 Whip finishers

  • 1 Large Fur Comb

  • 1 Small fur Comb

  • 1 fur Rake

  • 2 Hopper Leg Tools

  • 1 "Y" Dubbing Tool

  • 1 Rotary Dubbing Hook

  • 1 Rotary Shepard's Hook

  • 1 Revolving Hackle Pliers

  • 1 Bodkin

  • 1 Half Hitch Tool

  • 3 Dubbing Pickers

  • 1 Bullet Head tool

  • 1 Dubbing Brush

  • 1 Loop Bobbin Threader



Five Piece Fly Tying Tool Gift Set


The set includes Whip Finisher, Wire Dubbing Brush, Bobbin Threader, Bodkin/Half Hitch Tool, and Revolving Hackle Pliers.


It comes in a Presentation Wood Case decorated by Gary Borger and the Fly Girls(pictured above),or in a simpler Birch or Paper Box for slightly less.


Click here to see close up of the tools in this set.




Hair Stacker Gift Set

Wasatch Hair Stacker Gift SetHair stacker set is available in either a birch or a hardwood display box.



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