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Wasatch Fly Tying Tool Sets are available at Traditional AnglerWasatch Custom Fly Tying Tools (Sold Out)

Wasatch fly tying tools are manufactured in the United States. Most of the parts are fabricated in Springfield, Oregon and sent to Ogden, Utah, where secondary operations are performed and polishing/assembly is completed. Each tool is inspected by the owner, Dean Childs, before shipment.

Cocobolo wood comes from Central American rainforests and is considered endangered. Wasatch uses a cocobolo substitute in order to not further threaten this species. In fact,  American birch is used.  It is dyed, stabilized, and compressed to make it about twice as dense as normal. This process provides a material that can't be distinguished from the endangered variety, but won't darken with age and is very very strong.

Wasatch tools are unconditionally guaranteed for your lifetime.


Wood Hair Stackers


Wasatch Wood Hair Stackers

Pictured from Left to right: Bucktail, Magnum, Large, Medium, Small, and Micro


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