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Wasatch J Fly Tying Vise
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Wasatch J Vise

The Wasatch J Vise is designed by renowned South African tier Jay Smit in collaboration with Wasatch Angling. It is solidly built and is over engineered to ensure its owner a lifetime of service.

The J vise is a true rotary vise that features a cam operated split-jaw system with screw adjustment to cover an extremely broad range of hook sizes. There is also an optional micro jaw set  available (scroll down or Click Here) that provides more clearance when tying those sub-size 20 flies. Jaw change is quite easy and requires less than than 15 seconds.Wasatch J Vise Close Up Of Head and Jaws


The pedestal base incorporates several unique features:

  • Solid maple construction.

  • Weighs nearly 5 lbs. when fully loaded. Thus, it provides good stability when tying.

  • The base's bottom is laminated with a cork material to ensure good friction between it and tying surface.

  • Includes a table clamp feature (scroll down or Click Here) for added stability when tying large flies or spinning hair.

  • Has storage space for 13 tools

  • Includes two countersunk brass hook and bead cups for holding these small pieces

  • A large well routed into the wood to capture small bits of material.

  • Decorated with laser etched art including Jason Borger's Danica mayfly.

Wasatch J Vise Color ChoicesThe J Vise's includes a bobbin rest that is uniquely built into the pedestal base, rather than on the vise riser. This permits the rest to be rotated in and out of position quickly and easily. It also includes a centering gauge to assist in properly positioning the hook for maximum rotary tying efficiency.

The J Vise is available in three brilliant and distinctive colors, sure to please the most discriminating tier.

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Wasatch J Vise Centering Gauge

Wasatch J Vise Standard Jaw Wasatch J Vise Midge Jaws
Wasatch J Vise Riser Decoration Wasatch J Vise Base Clamp
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