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Weinbrenner Ultimate Wading Shoes are available at Traditional Angler
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Weinbrenner Ultimate Propex Wading Shoes

Weinbrenner Ultimate Wading Shoes are available at Traditional AnglerSince 1892, Weinbrenner Shoe Company has been a leading manufacturer and pioneering force in the American footwear industry.  Their wading shoes didn't come about because of some fancy product development program. It all started when Gary Borger, one of fly-fishing's top instructors and authors went to Weinbrenner and asked if they could make a special pair for him. And well, as they say, the rest is history. Weinbrenner's first wading shoe was such a hit that it became known as "The Ultimate". Since then. Weinbrenner has grown to meet the needs of just about every fly-fisherman out there. And while wading safety and comfort have always been their primary concerns, they also make sure that they'll endure the test of time.

Weinbrenner Ultimate Propex Wading Shoe

Weinbrenner Propex Wading Shoes

How does one make the Ultimate Wading Shoe even better that ultimate? By using new and improved materials. Weinbrenner took the world's best known wading shoe and gave it a reinforced toe of a plastic impregnated "shark-skin" leather that will not rot, chip, crack, or tear. It's astounding. Then, we increased the scuff resistance and good-looking appearance of the of the uppers by sheathing them in rugged Propex. Here's a shoe that's designed for maximum durability and good looks under tough, tough wading conditions. Available with felt or studded felt soles.

Men's Whole Sizes: 6 EEE to 14 EEE.

See Sizing Recommendations Below.

Price: $129.95
Sale Price: $123.95
Savings: $6.00





Weinbrenner Ultimate SCS Wading Shoe

The all new Weinbrenner, Ultimate SCS wading shoe, is the ultimate in looks, wearability, and technological advances. Its revolutionary, heavy duty, Synthetic Compounded Sole gives the wading angler incredible stability on all types of subaquatic surfaces, from mud to sheet bedrock. It has superb grip on dry rocks and wet grass, too. The SCS sole sticks like felt but wears like iron, and is easily cleaned to minimize transmission of Whirling Disease and/or other parasites. The heavy midsole protects from stone bruises and encourages distance, back-country hiking over the roughest terrain. In addition, the Sharkskin leather toe cap and Propex faced, double-layer uppers provide the ultimate in durability and good looks. A flat insole designed to allow the addition of orthotics or other custom inserts, a deep rear comfort notch, and dual, front comfort notches make the Ultimate SCS amazingly easy to wear. Here's the shoe that'll meet all of your fishing footwear needs.

Men's Whole Sizes: 6 EEE to 14 EEE.

See Sizing Recommendations Below.

Price: $136.95




Sizing Recommendations

Weinbrenner wading shoes come in full sizes and EEE width only.

If your shoe size is narrow or medium, order 1/2 to 1 size larger. (e.g. 9 1/2 shoe size-order 10 EEE)

If your shoe size is wide, order 1 to 1 1/2 sizes larger.
(e.g. 9 1/2 wide shoe size- order 11 EEE)


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