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Brass and Tungsten Beads and Cone Heads for Fly Tying available at Traditional Angler

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Quad Bead Dispenser (Sold Out)


Four Compartment Bead Dispenser


Bead Dispenser Close UpA four compartment dispenser for metal or glass beads.  Just push down on the dispenser and a single bead will feed to your waiting fingers. Neat. No more spilled beads.

Each individual dispenser can be locked down for travel.

 Dispensers are sized for the following size rrange:

  • Dispenser 1: beads up to 3/32" diameter

  • Dispenser 2: beads up to 1/8" diameter

  • Dispenser 3: beads up to 5/32" diameter

  • Dispenser 4: beads up to 3/16" diameter


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