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FLY FISHING MADE EASY IIScientific Angler with Brian & Judy O'Keefe

Binding Type: DVD
Retail Price: $19.95
ISBN: 0-88159-134-3




Price: $17.95


Easy-to-follow instructions & advice for fly fishing; misconceptions about the complications & difficulties of the sport are addressed. 4-part instructional plan on how to fly fish. DVD.

More Information:
While millions of anglers enjoy fly fishing, there are millions more who would like to try it out, but have misconceptions that fishing with a fly rod is simply too hard or complicated. Those misconceptions are addressed, along with easy-to-follow instructions and advice in Fly Fishing Made Easy II.
As one of the leading firms in the fly fishing business, Scientific Anglers is known for its educational approach to the sport. The company produced the original award-winning Fly Fishing Made Easy video in 1989, and continues to offer a complete library of fly fishing instructional videos.

"While videos remain popular for entertainment and information, the rising use of DVD players and DVD-equipped personal computers provides us with a new avenue to introduce people to the sport of fly fishing," said George Dierberger with Scientific Anglers. "With the Fly Fishing Made Easy II DVD format, those interested in taking up the sport have complete interactive capabilities, from viewing the video, a chapter menu to quickly go from segment to segment and back again for review, to bonus sections and reference sections including fly fishing terms and information on fly fishing tackle."

The video segment of Fly Fishing Made Easy II features Brian O'Keefe and Judith O'Keefe focusing on a four-part instructional plan on how to fly-fish. The plan starts with putting together a balanced package including the rod, reel, fly line and leader. Next comes tackle assembly, where the O'Keefe's explain how the balanced package is put together with appropriate knots. From there, it's on to casting, with Brian and Judith providing the basics on proper techniques to present a fly. On the water action finds Brian and Judith at Seven Pines Lodge in Wisconsin, the Hay Creek Ranch Lakes in central Oregon and on the Deschutes River in Warm Springs, Oregon to show how the plan all fits together to catch fish.

The DVD format of Fly Fishing Made Easy II also provides for those viewing it on web-enabled computers instant access to the Scientific Anglers web site ( for additional information on fly-fishing products, along with tips and advice from leading sources and educators in the sport. "The interactive capabilities of DVD are really put to use in Fly Fishing Made Easy II, a format that is a first in instructional materials for the sport," Dierberger notes. "With DVD, the user can instantly go to sections that are of most interest, and watch certain tasks over and over easily with a push of a button. If you really want to concentrate on knots, you can hit the 'previous' button after the section has been viewed, and quickly return to the beginning of the section for further review."


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